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It's been a while

August 30, 2019

It’s going to be a boring post, like the others. But better than nothing.

Maybe high expectation is one cause of procrastination. Every time I start writing, there comes the idea that my writing skill is too poor, or I don’t have any interesting points to make, or I should wait until I become an expert on the topic. People would say these shouldn’t be a problem. But together with my laziness, they are.

To get back to my working state, I’d better start from something simple, like this one, nothing serious, just some random thoughts. It’s also nice to have some non-tech topics now and then. Interesting topics may help keep me staying on the way.

There’s no need to make this pointless post a long one. Hopefully, I’ll come back soon, with some good content. Oh no, the expectation! Just coming back soon is good enough.